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A University education teaches a man how to live in society and prepares him for the battle of life. A University does not undertake to produce potential Engineers, competent doctors, great writers, generals, politicians or artists. It does not merely trains its members for the various professions nor it content only with producing experts.  Its object is mental culture and freedom from prejudices of all kinds. It broadens the minds, enlarges the vision, encourages intellectual independence and develops impartial judgments. It enables a man to cultivate the capacity for clear thinking and expressing his views effectively. It fits him to hold any post any post and teaches him his duty to other members of society.

Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar situated in the province of Balochistan. The province of Balochistan having a vast and diverse area of about 0.347 million sq. Km and with scattered population of about 15millions, spread over rugged and harsh topology.

To bringing it at par with the rest of the country, the Government has undertaken a large number of development schemes, success of which has not been fruitful primarily because the province did not had any Engineering Institution of its own.

Before the establishment of BUET, Khuzdar, a limited number of students from the province were nominated for admission in different Engineering Institutions in other provinces of Pakistan which was not adequate to meet the growing need for Engineers in the country. Besides, the socio-economic and educational constraints prevailing in the province discouraged the large number of students from getting education in Engineering Institutions in other provinces.

The Federal Government, taking into consideration these factors, announced the establishment of the then Balochistan Engineering College at Khuzdar in 1973-74. The project of the college was given administrative approval by ECNEC in 1977. After passing through different phases of construction, the college was in a position to start its academic activities in 1987-88 in the disciplines of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The institution was subsequently raised to the level of University just after seven years of its successful performance, in the 1994.

At the moment, BUET Khuzdar offers courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Systems Engineering and Sciences at graduate level while at post graduate level, the courses will be offered shortly in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. BUET Khuzdar Also offers BCS and MCS courses in evening shifts.

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